Is Spring arriving?

Is Spring arriving?

Is Spring arriving?

Spring is finally on it’s way!

The snow has thawed, rain has ceased (for now) and the sun has popped it’s head out….look out for bulbs beginning to appear and new buds on bushes…. It’s time to get thinking about your garden again, so to start you off, here are a few gardening tips for March….

*Protect new spring shoots from slugs

*Plant summer-flowering bulbs

*Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials

*Top dress containers with fresh compost

*Weeds come back into growth – deal with them before they get out

of hand

*Start feeding fish and using the pond fountain / water feature;

remove pond heaters

*Prune your repeat-flowering roses and remove dead or frost

damaged wood

*Dead-head any bulbs as they fade

*Hard prune any old hedges

*Give the garden a complete weeding and general digging-over

where needed

*If weather is mild, plant out hardy seedlings, new plants and any

plants needing a move

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