Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Here are our GP Garden Services Working Practices

• Once you have received the written quotation, please contact our office to make arrangements for the work  to be carried out
• The office is operational Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (not open at weekends)
• All Bank Holidays are standard working days for both our office and site teams, except those days associated with Christmas and New Year


• The team will carry out work based upon the quote received, its contents/specification and your acceptance of it
• If you wish to make any changes to the quote/work specification, please advise us prior to the work commencing, so we can revise the quote and adjust the operational arrangements and prices accordingly
• For any changes you wish to make once the work has commenced, please notify the office so we can arrange for a manager to adjust the work specification and advise of any changes to the price
• Please note that changes to a job that cause the gardeners to stop work once they have started may result in a charge for the lost labour time


• If the quote accepted is based on a specific time frame (e.g. 2 gardeners for 1 day) then we will achieve as much as possible in that time but cannot guarantee all items listed will be completed
• Should you have specific priorities for the gardeners to carry out during the time they are with you, please leave a message with the office or endeavour to be on-site during the visit to advise them


• We are not licensed to remove asbestos
• If asbestos is found while working and needs to be removed, this may lead to a delay in works and incur additional charges – we are happy to recommend a separate local contractor who has the necessary licences and equipment to carry this out to enable us to recommence work
• Please advise us prior to commencement of any known cables or pipework that may be hidden from view


• We expect to be able to access your property during the scheduled time
• If you won’t be on-site, we are happy to hold keys for gates etc, or to make other arrangements to gain access
• If access is not available during the time booked and agreed, regrettably we will have to charge for the loss of income
• Our gardeners will require a parking space close to your property, ideally on a driveway or at the kerbside
• If you live in an area where parking permits are required, please provide us with permits for the duration of the work prior to commencement. Regretfully, if no permit is provided we may not be able to attend to your garden work, but charges may still apply


• Once confirmed and diarised we are fully committed to your works and will commence pre-purchasing any materials required, booking specific members of our team and necessary equipment and arranging other operational elements
• Due to the above we expect you as a customer to be as committed to the arrangements and to expect a cancellation charge should you need to revoke this commitment


• We require no payment before or during your works (unless otherwise stated) however, we do expect to be paid in full on completion of works and receipt of our invoice
• We accept payment via cash / cheque / bank transfer – payment details will be at the bottom of the invoice


• Booked arrival times are approximate, please allow a degree of flexibility to account for traffic / other delays
• All our staff are uniformed, fully trained, and have formal appraisals regarding their work
• The company and all its employees are covered by public liability insurance
• We have a full-time Office Team who are able to take care of any questions / queries you may have


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