Lawns | Turfing

Lawns | Turfing

We have fantastic results in preparing and laying new lawns.

We understand the need for correct drainage preparation for all situations and soil types.

We use a fresh hard wearing Essex Turf from our supplier in Crews Hill as our standard turf.

All clearance, rotivating, re-landscaping and levelling are part of our service.

Regardless of the size of your lawn, call us now for a free quotation


  • Water your turf every evening for at least 3 weeks – it is very difficult to over water so be liberal with it.

Note: A light rain shower is not enough to soak your lawn sufficiently only a very heavy shower may let you off from watering that day!

  • Use scaffold boards or similar to spread your weight should you need to walk on your new turf (i.e. to place a sprinkler in the centre of the lawn). 


  • Do not water during the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest – this will scorch the turf.
  • Do not walk on new turf for at least 3 weeks – if you do you will crush the roots of the turf before they get a chance to establish themselves – If you have to walk on the turf then walk very carefully, as lightly as possible and along the edge of the lawn rather than the centre.
  • Do not cut your grass for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Cutting your new lawn

  • Before cutting for the first time check all areas of turf have taken sufficiently by pulling up on the grass itself – it should not give (lift up).
  • Set your mower to the highest setting.
  • Cut lawn gently removing all cut grass immediately.
  • Approx 1 week later cut again with the mower set 1 x setting lower than the highest.
  • Repeat this process until you are happy with the height of the lawn.


  • We will prepare the ground, lay your turf, and leave it, as it should be.
  • We will be available either to visit or to discuss your new turf by telephone as required.
  • We will however, take no responsibility for any problems with the turf due to lack of watering or dead areas due to turf being walked on.