Trees and High Hedges

Trees and High Hedges


Our tree team are fully qualified, licensed and insured.  We are able to carry out all tree works required.

We are able to advise on what is required specifically and when the work should be carried out during our preliminary quotation visit.

High Hedges

We carry out high hedge maintenance throughout the year and have the necessary tools, ladders and platforms required to work safely at any required height.

For the best results we recommend trimming hedges regularly, this keeps their shape and keeps the plant healthy.

Stump Removal

We are also able to quote for stump grinding – it is often possible to manually dig out smaller tree stumps.  For all other stumps that we are unable to dig out we use a petrol driven stump grinding machine to grind the stump down – the machine is designed to fit through a standard internal door width so even if you have limited or no side or rear access we are often able to help.